The first product I tried from the Racetam Nootropics range was pramiracetam taken with DMAE choline. I must admit from the get go I felt a difference, my memory which historically was well, crap, suddenly seemed to recall things from my past allot easier making conversation easier and removing those moments when your talking to someone and that blankness appears whilst you try to remember a certain fact or past experience. My wife also noticed that I seemed to be a little sharper and on the ball with everyday tasks. I continued this course for 4 weeks and the end of the four weeks I definitely thought the supplements made a distinct difference improving my ability to think clearer and better and remember things I had long since forgotten about. I had read somewhere that specifically the Racetam family of Nootropics, were Nootropics that continually improved over time offering a better overall experience and actually improving the health of your brain long term, so based on this decided to continue taking Nootropics to see how good it could get as well as reading and researching as much information as I could to ensure my safety more than anything. I was actually surprised to find out how Racetam Nootropics work. Racetam Nootropics work by enhancing already existing processes in the brain making the processes effectively more efficient and productive, by imposing a combination of reducing the blood brain barrier and delivering more oxygen to the brain as well as other various positive chemical effects. After the four weeks had elapsed and I had ran out of Pramiracetam and decided to try another one of the Racetam family of Nootropics as some have a slightly different effect all be it still a very positive influence on the brain. This time I upped a gear and opted for Noopept.


Noopept is a derivative of Pramiracetam and is documented to be 1000 times stronger than the original Racetam Nootropic “Piracetam”. Again I took this supplement with DMAE choline as the increased productivity in my brain was using more choline than normal and occasionally gave me a slight headache which was easily fixed by taking a little more choline. Everywhere I read about Nootropics it had been always recommended that every Racetam should be taken with a Choline supplement and dosage of this would vary from person to person and a small amount of trialling would be needed to avoid any headaches, so I wasn’t worried. Initially to my disappointment I didn’t really feel anything after taking Noopept, which made me instantly dubious but after trialling a couple of different sized doses, I found the one that worked best for me and I began to feel a real difference in the way I thought, my concentration, my ability to learn and best of all my memory recall. It’s difficult to put into words the difference taking these Nootropics has made to me and by taking them for a few months I realised that these supplements are pretty much a revelation and I would happily recommend them to my friends and family as well as anyone, if only to at least give them a try and see for yourself. Pramiracetam Historically some of the suppliers of supplements on the web have been deemed to be a bit dodgy which is one of the reasons why I started ThinkBetterUK, to ensure that if you did want to try Nootropics and experience the positive effects I did, you could knowing that you were taking high quality Nootropics, clinically tested for purity and if I do say so my self, the best on the market. If you do have any questions about Nootropics and their effects please feel free to email me at or if you want to give them a go, have a look around my shop and choose the best one for you. Just to note I also supply pre-combined stacks so you don’t even have to trial mix Nootropics to get the best effects.