What are Nootropics I hear you ask? The Human brain is one of the most complex natural forms known to man. Its complexities are mind boggling, literally, as neural pathways and electrical signals dictate the way we, think, eat, sleep, play, imagine, memorise, pretty much everything we do as a person. Although there is much for us to still understand about the brain, there are things we do know, like how one part of the brain communicates with the other, what we the brain needs in order for it to function at its optimal and how we can help reinforce neural pathways within the brain by the introduction of Nootropics and other natural and unnatural substances, that promotes cell regeneration, blood circulation and increased oxygen levels amongst other benefits. NOOTROPICS – THE LOW DOWN Nootropics have been around for many years, but only in recent times become popular as a mind supplement for overall brain health. Many Nootropics have been clinically tested and have been used in the past for impairments such as Alzheimer’s and various brain injuries, where the brains ability to function correctly has been breached. What are Nootropics in more recent times? Nootropics have been recognised to have significant mind and health benefits for completely healthy people as they have been proven to help increase performance in the brain, memory capacity, help with memory loss, aid cognitive functions as well as offer clarity and focus and to be able to think better overall. THE RACETAM FAMILY There are many different types of Nootropics, with one of most mainstream Nootropic supplement families being the Racetam family. This family of Nootropic supplements have around five members with more being developed and refined year on year. Piracetam is believed to be the parent of most new Nootropic compounds with other members such as Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, and Pramiracetam laying their claim to various health and mind benefits. The Racetam family is a very popular Nootropic, as its known to not affect any other part of your body just offer benefits to your mind, also with very little side effects this is a very safe way of improving your cognitive functions and memory. OTHER NOOTROPICS when asking what are nootropics its important to remember that there are also other Supplements available in today’s market that offer various benefits to both body and mind, by amplifying existing chemicals already present in the brain and utilising cell structure and pathways, such as GABA and L-tyrosine. These act differently than that of the Racetam family but also hold nutritional benefits aiding cognitive reasoning, improved memory, strengthening cell structure as well as improving focus and clarity. There are many different options out there for someone looking to attain the health benefits from taking these mind supplements and often as these supplements can vary in effect depending on the brain physiology of the individual, a small amount of experimentation can often be needed to ascertain the correct amount for your own optimal performance. As mentioned earlier these supplements are clinically proven to work, all be it there effectiveness does vary down to the individual, but without trying them, how would you ever know how well your brain could function? Here at ThinkBetterUK we do stock a wide range of Nootropic supplements proven to help with all aspects of your brains functionality, for more information on any of our range please email us at or order through our website. Try our Nootropic Supplements today and release your minds potential.