Neuroprime After much research we now a formulated product “Neuroprime” which will optimise both your body and mind at a cellular level as well as increase neuro-activity. Study has shown that people who take vitamin supplements alone or combinations they have devised themselves, can sometimes have negative effects as the constituents are lacking in certain components to allow the vitamins and nutrients to work together correctly to focus both on body and mind. This product however has been specially developed to combine vitamins and nutraceuticals to enhance each others attributes and to give a more positive effect not only on the body and mind in terms of function but also to help the body and minds overall health. Specifically, this Eutropicâ„¢ formula can play a part in maintaining the health of your organs and in particular your liver, kidneys and your brain as well as having an anti-oxidant effect cleasining the body and mind. Our Neuroprime product is available now, so why not look to improve your overall health by taking one easy supplement.